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Neural technologies continue to make a substantial impact in diagnosing and treating disorders of the nervous system and in improving the quality of life for individuals with these disorders, their families, and society more broadly. While there have been outstanding examples of successful translation of novel technologies from the bench to the bedside, ​challenges still remain for physicians, scientists, and engineers. Numerous promising technologies have not advanced to clinical trials, not met their primary clinical trial endpoints, not reached the market penetration levels necessary to maintain commercial viability, or have attained clinical and market success but took far more time and resources than was necessary.

These historical challenges still hinder translational and commercialization efforts in our neural interfaces community today. This program is designed to educate innovators in the neural medical device field on key steps in translating and commercializing neurotechnology. Additionally, it provides comprehensive training on the best practices for successfully navigating the translational and commercialization pathways for neural medical devices.

Course Lectures

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