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Welcome to the short-course on translating and commercializing neurotechnology, supported by the NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience Research and the Bakken Medical Devices CenterThis is a comprehensive educational program designed to teach the fundamentals of bringing neurotechnology from preclinical to clinical to commercialization, and into the marketplace.

The Course Curriculum has been created by an incredible line-up of world expert program faculty, who bring deep knowledge and experience.

To sign-up for this FREE, self-paced online course, click the enroll button above. Complete the lectures and questions and receive a Certificate in Neurotechnology Translation!

New lecture:

(12) Combination Products!

Increase your knowledge of translation and commercialization through 21 video lectures taught by world experts. Complete all lectures and questions to receive a Certificate in NeuroTechnology Translation. Don’t miss this chance to experience didactic lectures, interactive interviews and a trove of relevant resources to grow your expertise.

Participants interested in further expanding their knowledge are welcome to apply to the Annual Workshop. This hands-on program includes interactive exercises mentored by expert faculty who are on hand to provide feedback, answer questions, and give input on your venture pitch!  This workshop brings together ~30 participants across a broad range of expertise from academia, industry and government.

View 2021's workshop agenda and read testimonials from our participants!

The 2022 Workshop Application Portal is now closed.

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